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AMSAT Managed Security Services (MSS) helps you manage your important security devices and endpoints while providing turnkey solutions for your multifaceted information security challenges. Our MSS team serves as a vital member of your IT, security, infrastructure and leadership team to deal with your security threats, risks and challenges as soon as they emerge.

We ensure organizations’ security against cyberattacks that cannot be thwarted only by technology. With an expert team of top cybersecurity analysts, threat hunters, and forensic investigators, we know how to respond to identified and unidentified threats in real-time before they impact the business and put its credibility at stake.

Our cybersecurity experts collect real-world attacker methods and keep updating the tools and methodologies so that they reflect the most current threat environment. They are expert at using both manual and automated testing techniques for in-depth analysis, identifying the vulnerabilities in an organization’s assets, and providing customized security strategy and mitigation techniques based on the findings along with missing security controls to prepare organizations for future threats.

We specialize in providing support and services in vulnerability & threat management and governance, risk management and compliance. Our Managed Security services are available on demand, 24 hours a day, all year round.

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