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Karachi, September 01, 2020:


AMSAT today announces the launch of its new website that showcases its full spectrum of services in the cybersecurity landscape. The entire suite of services offered by the company are geared towards protecting organizations against cyber threat by providing Forensic Analysis and Monitoring Services supported by its highly skilled engineers.


While growth in banking channels including online banking, digital transactions and e-commerce platforms are on the rise, cyber-revolution also exposes entry points into an organization’s network, creating potential for a cyber-attack. AMSAT provides expert advisories to help organizations identify cyber threats, remediate them and avert them from happening in a timely manner.


Among its specialized services, AMSAT offers in-depth analysis and identification of network vulnerabilities in an organization’s IT infrastructure and provides customized security strategy and mitigation techniques. Partnering with leading vendors in cybersecurity industry, and together with its exclusive security management and response tool, AMSAT’s specialized services are unique and well positioned to deal with enterprise level cyber events in Pakistan.


“AMSAT Managed Security Services (MSS) helps companies manage important security devices and endpoints while providing turnkey solutions for multifaceted information security challenges. With an expert team of top cybersecurity analysts, threat hunters and forensic investigators, we know how to respond to identified and unidentified threats in real-time before they impact businesses and put their credibility at stake,” says General Manager, AMSAT, Col (R) Adeel Kazi.


AMSAT’s State of the Art capabilities help organizations defend against present and future threats, which can be tailored to specific needs of our clients. The AMSAT team includes some of the leading security practitioners in a broad set of cyber security capabilities. This covers areas of application and network security, analysis, pro-active, legal, reactive and forensic services. AMSAT also provides the largest and most capable Security Operations Center in Pakistan where Cyber Security experts are monitoring events on a 24×7 basis, helping organizations implement robust, consistent and stable cyber security practices. Our solutions are ideally geared for the medium to large enterprises, critical infrastructure and Law Enforcement and Sensitive organizations.  AMSAT also provides access to best of breed cyber security solutions covering areas of End points, Data Flow Analysis and anomaly detection, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Application and Network Firewalls, Wireless Security, Cloud Security, Penetration Testing, SWAT/Tiger and Forensic Teams.


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