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A Detailed Overview of Security Management in the Cloud

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By AMSAT Oct 28, 2020

Security Management in the Cloud


If you are a company looking to get a technological edge over your competitors, cloud computing is something you should never ignore. By virtue of software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), organizations can manage their technology and operations in the cloud, saving time and money while enhancing operational output and growing business capabilities. Nevertheless, managing applications in the cloud also highlights new possible cybersecurity flaws. If you want to protect your business against these threats, you’ll need a strong security management plan for the cloud.


Security management in the cloud is a set of plans intended to let a business use cloud applications and networks to their greatest potential while restricting potential threats and flaws. This is often done with several independent strategies, such as:


Identifying and evaluating cloud services. First, you ought to spend time recognizing which cloud products and services are being employed in your organization, and which ones might be considered in the future. Afterward, you’ll need to evaluate and review those items, examining their security and potential flaws.


Inspecting and fine-tuning native security settings. Within each application, you’ll have complete control of your own secrecy and security settings. It’s on your cloud security team to appreciate which settings are available, and exploit them to provide your organization the highest level of security possible.


Encoding data. In several cases, you’ll need to go the extra mile to prevent data loss and preserve data integrity by encoding your data and protecting your connections. It’s your responsibility to allow genuine network traffic and block wary traffic.


Managing devices. Cloud applications let you decrease the amount of physical infrastructure you retain, but you and your employees will still be accessing data and services with particular devices. You’ll need some way to manage and supervise those devices to ensure only approved devices can access your data.


Dealing with users. Likewise, you’ll need to consider user-level controls. Set up differing levels of user permissions, to limit access to your most appreciated or sensitive information, and change user permissions as essential to let secure access.


Reporting. It’s also significant to oversee cloud activity from a high level, and report on that activity so you can better appreciate your risks and continuing operations.


Comprehensive Security Management in the Cloud

IT and security staff members regularly face trouble handling all these plans at the same time, mostly with the sheer number of cloud applications and services used by a today’s organizations. Large organizations depend on hundreds, and occasionally thousands of diverse cloud-based services, making it almost impossible to easily apply steady security settings or supervise the use of those applications all at once.



That’s why it’s significant to employ the use of a complete security management tool, intended for cloud security. With the right platform, you can putatively manage and supervise all your cloud applications and gateways simultaneously, all from one central location.


Cloud Email Security

When you want to defend your organization against malicious threats and loss of data, email security plays a vital role. With 90pc of hacking attacks starting as email-based attacks, email security must be a top priority for any organization. AMSAT’s Proofpoint email security solution supports cloud, hybrid and on-premise installations with virtual or physical appliances. It provides protection against repetitive threats like spam, viruses, ransomware, phishing and impostor email while also delivering the secure cloud email services an organization needs to respond to new security challenges.


AMSAT’s cloud email security technology delivers up-to-date defense while removing the intricacy and cost of on-premises offerings, and delivering flexible and granular email security controls.


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