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With the ever-growing global connectivity of systems and networks, cyber threat is increasing at an unprecedented pace and has the potential to affect every organization irrespective of its size and industry it operates in. The complex networks are enabling potential hackers to find loopholes in core network assets and then attack them.

AMSAT’s core cyber security team, together with its state-of-the-art Security Operations Center, is geared up to help its clients respond to cyber threats in real time and have strong defensive system in place against these attacks. Our Threat Intelligence Services integrate data, analytics, and unmatched expertise to fully understand the threat landscape and identify emerging threats to help organizations prioritize their cyber defenses and protect against today’s sophisticated attacks. Our managed services will gather an organization’s cyber footprint and provide indicators of attackers and compromise to proactively take actions against them. A classical approach by AMSAT’s Threat Intelligence team follows:

  • Threat Enrichment
  • External Threat Hunting
  • Digital Threat Defense
  • Advisories & Alerts Reporting

Threat Enrichment

Research and hunt for relevant intelligence of threats outside organization perimeter. Enrich alerts with external threat intelligence which informs investigations and identifies attacker infrastructure. Prioritize threats and eliminate those that put your business at the greatest risk.

External Threat Hunting

On demand investigations tailored to organizational business needs covering the traditional, deep and dark web. Threat hunting to gain in-depth investigation support into cyber attacks and the threat actors behind the malicious activity.

Digital Threat Defense

Digital Brand Protection that proactively detects and disrupts phishing attacks, fake social media accounts and rogue applications targeting executives, customers, partners, and employees. Minimize organizational risk by protecting the digital assets utilizing continuous monitoring, high-fidelity alerts, and effective take-down services.

Advisories & Alerts Reporting

AMSAT provides threat advisories and alert reports of attack vectors and indicators of comprise to proactively report the organization about the threats to protect the organization infrastructure. Our service provides organization specific threat intelligence reports in different formats like CSV, PDF, XML, JSON, STIX, TAXII. Which are fully automated with any security solution.

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