Security Threat Detection, Incident Response and Forensics

Security Threat Detection, Incident Response and Forensics

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A security breach can happen both from inside and outside an organization. Security Threat Detection should be a standard practice that organizations need to undertake on an ongoing basis with the objective to find anomalies, analyze the level of threat and take actions to mitigate the risk.

AMSAT’s Security Threat Detection and Forensic Team has state-of-the-art network forensic tools that provide a robust threat detection system and help deploy an incident response program based on the following best practices:

  • Collecting data across the network including authentication, network access and logs from critical system;
  • Monitoring, analyzing and understanding traffic patterns within and between trusted networks;
  • Collecting detailed information of endpoint devices for any possible malicious events and running forensics to investigate threats.
  • Running centralized Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) to achieve more accurate and efficient information across the networks;
  • Monitoring network traffic for malicious activity through Intrusion Detection System (IDS);
  • Behavior and machine learning methodology to detect unknown threats based on behavior;
  • 24×7 availability of SOC team as resident engineers deployed on premises or through remote support;
  • Implementing the security threat response in line with MIRE ATT&CK for improving the sophistication of security teams.
  • Handling incidents according to NIST framework of Computer Security Incident
  • Handling Guide (SP 800-61):
    • Preparation
    • Detection & Analysis
    • Containment, Eradication
    • Recovery
  • Investigating the root cause of incident as part of our forensic reporting for future security enhancements.

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